Bean Around

Bean Around for Deadgood ‘Bean Around’ is a plush eco-friendly beanbag, designed to provide a comfortable, stylish and sustainable seating option that effortlessly adapts to various workplace environments. The filling is derived from organic resources, offering compostability at the end of their life.

Deadgood Rugs

Various rug designs with Deadgood Studio The Deadgood Rug collection expertly blends art and utility, infusing personality and warmth into any workspace. By utilising cutting-edge technology that generates extremely high-definition prints, these rugs bring unparalleled detail and vibrancy to contemporary environments

Chonk Tables

‘Chonk’ with Deadgood Studio ‘Chonk’ is a robust coffee table range with a tongue-in-cheek reference to its oversized, chunky appearance. Manufactured using singular material processing with a minimum of 85% recycled steel, ‘Chonk’ is cost-effective, efficient to produce, and recyclable at the end of its life


‘Noodle’ with Deadgood Studio ‘Noodle’ is a statement piece that exudes youth, playfulness, and a touch of welcome immaturity. Skillfully constructed using a recycled steel frame and incorporating foams made of plant-based bio compounds, ‘Noodle’ showcases a commitment to sustainability and circular design principles.


‘Flare’ with Deadgood Studio Flare is a modular sofa and lounge chair that explores circular design principles. A plug in seating system that can be expanded and reconfigured as required, with materials and components designed to be easily separated for recycling. Our new foams contain sustainably sourced plant based compounds, a viable alternative to traditional … Read More


‘Woody’ for Deadgood ‘Woody’ is a fun and practical upholstered seating collection that features the distinct aesthetic of a fallen tree. The design addresses the growing need for ways to reconnect with nature and the outdoors and offers a playful juxtaposition for use within the built environment. This temporary and comfortable perch is both a … Read More

Enamel Pins

‘Enamel Pins’ with Two Girls Co A selection of fun and celebratory enamel pins, designed in collaboration with Lucy Weston, as part of Two Girls Co.

Boobie Coasters

‘Boobie Coasters’ with Two Girls Co Made from Jesmonite, these handmade coasters are a simple celebration and empowerment of the female anatomy.


‘Scafell’ with Deadgood Studio The ‘Scafell Sofa’ is a simple modular sofa system with a comfortable and generously proportioned seat, a playful colourway and a subtle smiling stitch detail.

Bristol Light

‘Bristol Light’ with Deadgood Studio This simple modern pendant fitting utilises a time honoured, free blown glass making technique. This traditional process allows for either a signature cobalt blue or clear crystal colour to be achieved. The form is an efficient shape and fit for a high output LED ‘UFO’ bulb and is an ideal … Read More