‘Terraclocka’ with Two Girls Co A minimal, handmade from natural ‘Cheddar Red’ clay and bears the marks of the potter and of the hand throwing process. This makes each clock unique and small variations can be expected.


‘Hug’ with Deadgood Studio Hug utilises Lloyd Loom, a traditional yet somewhat forgotten twentieth century material, manipulated over a plywood shell and sat atop a recycled steel frame. The range includes a dining and lounge chairs and is also available in Oak and Upholstered finishes.

Victoria Arms

Victoria Arms The Victoria Arms is simple update of the classic ‘Smoker’s Bow’ armchair. The update honours the history, nostalgia and emotional connections users have with the ‘pub chair’ and returns the archetypal style to the forefront of modern interiors, holding a sensitivity to both past and present environments.

Pop Rugs

‘Pop Rugs’ with Deadgood Studio ‘Pop Rugs’ are a collection of 100% hand tufted wool. Drawing on a variety of influences include the Memphis Design Group and the work of New York artist Keith Haring, these bold rugs are a representation of Deadgood’s eclectic and bold style and will be sure to provide a statement … Read More